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Straight Bun

Straight Bun

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It's not about the compliments you'll get. It's about how it'll make you feel.

The perfect combination of a formal yet vibrant look. Natural, not trying too much, and yet stunning. Yes, meet the JuvaBun Straight Bun.

The magic about this, besides the fact that in less than 60 seconds your hair will look thick with tons of volume, is that it looks and feels so natural and effortless.


"Enjoy Great Hair Days In Less Than 60 Seconds!"

If you struggle with getting your hair ready or just want an easier quick fix to your hair, JuvaBun is the routine for you!

From thin and short hair - to long and curly hair, our messy bun is known for working with all  hair types.

 The JuvaBun straight bun is the prefect hair accessory to achieve a fuller & thicker hair style in just a few seconds.

Just tie your hair into a bun, twist the JuvaBun around your bun, and style as you wish.

Simple, quick, and gorgeous.

The JuvaBun is designed in a way to fit all hair types (including thin and short hair) to give easy and hassle-free hair days in seconds - no matter where you go:

Wear it comfortably at work, at the gym, weddings, nights out, dates, and even when traveling to enjoy a great hair day, every day! 

Enjoy A Stress-Free Look In 3 Easy Steps:

1. Put your hair into a bun / ponytail.

2. Wrap the JuvaBun messy bun around (as a scrunchie).

3. Style and adjust it a bit to make sure it's exactly as you wish!

Enjoy instant hair volume with natural looks that will hold all day long!

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