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Blue Color Changing Lipstick From Enchantress

Blue Color Changing Lipstick From Enchantress

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The color of the lipstick changes with the temperature and the condition of the lips!


  • đź’™ Blue lipstick, color-changing lipstick, waterproof and color-fixing , easier to use.

  • đź’™ Temperature sensitive color change. Color is displayed on first application. Color change with temperature. Shows color on first application. Effective solution to lip problems, gently moisturizes the lips.

  • đź’™ Color change with temperature. Shows color 2 minutes later on first application. Wipe it with a damp cloth to reveal a different colour, which will then change with temperature.

  • đź’™ Waterproof, non-sticky, non-tarnishing, highly pigmented, gently moisturizes lips.


  • Category: Lipstick

  • Color: as shown

  • Net content: 3.8 g


  • 1Ă—Enchantress Blue Color Changing Lipstick
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