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Advanced Leather Repair Gel

Advanced Leather Repair Gel

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Bring broken leather back to life!!

Repair damage on any leather surface like they were never there with our Advanced Leather Repair Gel! Fix tears, cuts, scratches, burns, and holes!
Our gel makes expensive leather look good as new. It offers a more vibrant tint and a traceless clean finish once dried.
Save time and money from upholstery services. The gel repair is super easy and quick! Simply apply the gel evenly, wait for it to dry, and voila!

✔ Easy & Quick Leather Repair: This gel offers super easy restoration. It can repair holes, tears, and scratches on leather and vinyl.
✔ Seamless Fix: Fixes surfaces of car seats, shoes, couches, office chair, belt, bag, purse as if they're brand new.
✔ Extra Compound: Can patch up large areas. No paint, glue, dye, tape, or putty needed.
✔ Wide Application: Yields professional results on new or old leatherette, faux, synthetic, bicast, PU, or premium upholstery.
✔ Matches any color: Features a wide variety of colors to match any leather surface for a professional-looking result.
  1. Clean area and apply the repair gel evenly
  2. Let it dry or use a blow dryer
  3. Done
Weight: 20g
Color: Black, Blue, Chocolate Brown, Tan, Burgundy, Red, White, Yellow, Grey, Beige
1 pcs x Advanced Leather Repair Gel
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