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Tactical Credit Card Tool

Tactical Credit Card Tool

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Credit card folding knives an ergonomic handle that's symmetrically flat on both sides

These ultra-light pocket knives fold completely flat. Measuring only 0. 13 inches thick, each pocket knife is thinner than 2 credit cards!

Made of stainless steel and durable plastic ,ensuring maximum durability with sharp razor blade.

Blade edge is protected when stored in wallet or kit bag. Protective hilt appears when open. Great for emergency survival, everyday use, outdoor adventures, and self-defense!

The most innovative pocket knife in the world Just 3 ingenious folding operations metamorphosis the card into an elegant pocket tool Slimmer and lighter than an ordinary knife


Weight: 14g

Size: 86mm x 55mm / 145mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Package Includes:

1 x  The Credit Card Knife

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