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Magic Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

Magic Oil-Absorbing Volcanic Face Roller

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Remove shine and oil from your face in seconds!

Shine is a beautiful thing on our lips or nails but can be embarrassing when we have an extra layer of oily coating on our T-zone. This could make us feel uncomfortable in our own skin, especially during those important moments in life.




Combat this issue instantly with Face Oil Absorbing Roller 


Made of Real volcanic stone

This face roller is made of real volcanic stone, its unique absorbing properties soak up oil like a magnet and mattified your skin instantly.



Works In Seconds and Easy To Use

Just pop the cap and this compact shine buster is ready to roll, for on-the-go touch-upsanytimeanywhere. Best of all? It’s reusable!


Reusable and Convenient Portable Design

Just wash with warm water, and mild soap after each use, and air dry well. This allows you to reuse it, as many times as you like! 



Just think of the amount of face pads you will no longer be wasting, by using this natural method. Not only will you be contributing to helping our planet, but you will be caring for your skin, in the right way. 

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