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Bike Chain Oiler Roller

Bike Chain Oiler Roller

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It just takes a few seconds and your bike is ready for the next trip.

Small size, light weight, easy to carry. No matter where you are, you can keep your chain fresh and oiled.

Always spilling oil all around you and your bike when you grease your bike chain.Stop oiling your brake disk or tyre! Our bike chain oiler will give the perfect solution.

  • Keeps Your Hands Clean: Never worry about dirty fingers or splashed oil. When you put bike chain lube kit in your pocket, no oil will splash around, no oil leakage. Move it, shake it-nothing will happen.
  • Environmental Protection: Using this bicycle care tool, you can save up to 91% of oil because it will only release the amount of lubricant that bicycle chain really needs. No oil flows into rag, on the floor, brakes or bicycle frame.
  • Long Term Usage: The wool felt part could be easily washed and used many times


The semi-soft lubricating wheel of bicycle chain oiler can perfectly fit the chain. Its special design can ensure that internal lubricating wheel rotates under slight pressure on bicycle chain and allows oil to penetrate the chain evenly.

  • – Small & easy to handle
  • – Leak-proof & refillable
  • – No messing of the hands
  • – Suitable for all bicycle chains
  • – Works with all low-medium viscosity oils
  • – Not suitable for wax & solvent-based lubes

Suitable for mountain bike, road bike, city bike, hybrid bicycle, BMX bike and folding bike and ever types of bicycles, free wheel design!


  • Name: Chain oiler
  • Material: PVC, wool
  • Application: Bicycle/Motorcycle chain
  • Package: Box
  • Packing list:
    1*Storage box
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